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Modelling Math. Methods and Scientific Comp.
Modelling Mathematical Methods and Scientific Computation
N. Bellomo y L. Preziosi
CRC Press, 1994
ISBN: 0849383315, 512 páginas
"Intended for engineering students and professionals, physical scientists and applied mathematicians, this book explores the fundamental aspects of mathematical modelling in applied sciences and related mathematical and computational methods".
Modeling, Identification and Simulation of Dynamical Systems
Modeling, Identification and Simulation of Dynamical Systems
P.P.J. Van Den Bosch y A. C. Van Der Klauw
CRC Press, 1994
"Intended for systems engineers and computer scientists, this book provides a unified and easy-to-read introduction to the areas of modelling, identification, simulation and optimization".
Metodos de Runge-Kutta ...
Ecuaciones diferenciales y sus aplicaciones
M. Braun
Grupo Editorial Iberoamericano, 1990

Metodos lineales multipaso ...
Modelling with Ordinary Differential Equations
T.P. Dreyer
CRC Press, 1993

Integrates standard material from an elementary course on ordinary differential equations with the skills of mathematical modelling in a number of diverse real-life situations. The book includes algorithms for computer programs as an integral part of the answer-finding process.
Analysis of numerical methods
Guide to Mathematical Modeling (Crc Mathematical Guides)
D. Edwards y M. Hamson
Crc Pr I Llc, 1990

Industrial mathematics
P. Friedman
SIAM, 1994
ISBN: 0898713242
Modelling of dynamical Systems
L. Ljung, J. Glad
Prentice Hall, 1994

Structured Biological Modelling
Structured Biological Modelling
M. Kraus y B.H. Wolf
CRC Press, 1995
ISBN: 0849347726
Mathematical Modelling: Classroom Notes in Applied Mathematics
M.S. Klamkin
SIAM, 1987
ISBN: 0898712041
The Theory of the Chemostat: Dynamics of Microbial Competition (Cambridge Studies in Mathematical Biology)
H.L. Smith y P. Waltman
Cambridge University Press, 1995
ISBN: 0521470277
Competition Models in Population Biology
P.E. Waltman
SIAM, 1984
ISBN: 0898711886